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Never Miss an Insight

Stay atop of the team’s qualitative insights. Keep control of discovery.

Quickly see what the team’s gathered and always know where the key insights are. Drive consistent discovery as the first step in shaping larger opportunities.

"We had a team of 9 running 30+ interviews. So the best bit was having everything in one tool.
You're not going from Word to Excel or to multiple tabs. It's easy to find what you're looking for”

–  Severign H, Clarasys Consulting

Focus Your Time & Expertise

Regain time to craft high-impact
insights and choices

Spend 40% more time refining insights. Simplify and streamline how you collate and classify qualitative data. Use Discy's consulting-AI or apply your firm’s IP to tune your own models. For consistently deep analysis.

“I chose to use Discy because I couldn't see any other way my team could run all the interviews we had to do in 3 weeks... and also get our report out! Discy became the most important tool we used. Keeping all our notes together, and letting us build up insights for the client."

– John B, Digital Tx & Design consultancy.

Elevate Your Thinking

Quantify and visualise themes to fuel and justify your idea

Forge thought leadership that matters. Discy’s feature rich workspace is a playground to explore data without flipping between apps and tabs. Use boards, tables and consulting chat personas to explore patterns and summarise insights.

"A lot of analysis is led by emotion and gut. Discy really helps cut through that, and makes us look even more credible as a result.”

–  Kirsty M, Senior Manager, Boutique Consultancy

Where Discy is used

On discovery and diagnostic work. Projects with a lot of interviews and/or qualitative data to code and analyse.

Crafting strategic value propositions.

Productising the firm's expertise

A niche firm used Discy to optimise their discovery work. The firm's framework for reviewing data was used to train their own Discy models. Then fine-tuned with examples and a day of human training.

SME's now believe the model pulls out ~80% of the insights they would. The firm has been able to offer discovery work more widely. Using their IP to tee up larger downstream work.

CX strategy for a large Pharma.

A small team, a niche domain, and 16 in-depth stakeholder interviews

A 2 person team used Discy to quickly setup and take interview notes together. Interviewees and their comments were all tagged and then analysed in Discy. Sentiment and "zinger" quotes were easily caught to feed their final report.

Keeping the Partner updated and onboarding SMEs for key interviews was a breeze. Having data in one place, and flexible analysis options shaved days off their work. "A big improvement on being in a room with post it notes everywhere!".

Identify change impacts from a data set

Make sense of large surveys and connect to interview insights.

A boutique firm used Discy to analyse a large stakeholder survey The survey data was uploaded and tagged in Discy. A trained AI model was used to rapidly theme most of the data.

Survey data was easily coupled with interview data to explore themes The team enjoyed being able to heatmap and compare datasets easily. Compared to previous, similar work they saved 3-4 days.

How teams love
to use Discy

Step 1: Gather

Take notes live or import interviews, surveys & recordings into one secure hub.
  • 1 space for all the project's data
  • Capture live interviews together
  • Transcribe calls and import files

Step 2: Analyse

Rapid thematic coding of data with Consulting AI. Analyse faster and deeper.
  • Tag themes across all the data
  • Tag faster with Consulting AI
  • Manage demographics & Mitigate bias

Step 3: Summarise

Synthesise findings, extract quotes, quantify patterns & visualise ideas.
  • Easily recall key quotes & trace insights
  • Quantify themes in pre-built charts
  • Quickly turn queries into drafts

How Discy stays secure

We know how important it is to keep your firm and client data secure. Our solution reflects this in the following ways:

SOC2 compliance. SOC2 certifies the highest standard for security, availability, confidentiality and privacy of data are followed. Discy only uses SOC2 compliant services. We plan to become SOC2 certified in 2024.

Privacy by design. Discy is committed to the EU’s GDPR standards. Our ambition is to host all data within Europe over 2024. We remain aligned with local data protection laws.

Controlled access. You have complete control over who within your organisation can access Discy. As well as who can see or access an individual project.

Granular AI customisation. We know your clients have different comfort levels with AI. Discy gives you control over which AI features can be turned on, on a project-by-project basis.

Your data, Your AI models. Your data exclusively trains your AI models. This ensures your solution is secure and unique. Discy does not train our own models on your data.


About us

Hi, we are Tim and Joel, the founders of Discy.

As former consulting leaders, we know first-hand the frustrations of gathering but not fully leveraging qualitative insights.

After 15+ years in management consulting we left to build a niche tool that fixes this. That's Discy. A flexible space to structure, manage and analyse more qualitative data, faster. A tool built to work for consultants.

The solution ultimately gives teams more time for high-value work - crafting "Aha!" insights that land with the client.

Plans and Pricing


Connect the dots across your project

Strapped for time? Hire an expert consultant to turn your raw notes and data into a coded and themed dataset. Boost your insights.

From £2000 GBP
A once-off expense that saves your time for genius zone thinking.
  • Customer Experience
  • Change Management
  • Process Discovery
  • Operating Model Design


Connect the dots across your project portfolio

Easily search and recall insights from your account or domain specific project work. Drive consistent discovery.

12 month subscription. Exit after 14 days if you don't see the value.
  • 5 active projects
  • Unlimited users
  • Import PDFs, PPTs, CSVs, videos
  • AI smart tagger
  • AI classification model
  • Onboarding Support
  • DPA
  • Live notes capture
  • Fair use transcription


Connect the dots across your firm's portfolio

Quickly train models based on your firm's expertise. Connect all your services and past work to unlock insights.

Tailor your offering. Train your unique AI models and connect to your work.
  • Unlimited portfolios
  • Unlimited users
  • Everything in Portfolio +
  • Connect your firm’s knowledge repository
  • AI classification models
  • Platinum support
  • New features priority
  • SSO

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